Chris Holmes - Cohort Capital

Chris Holmes

President and Managing Partner | Contact Chris  

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur, business consultant, and licensed securities broker. He’s founded several companies including Fanatic Fans which is currently in Rocketspace, a San Francisco incubator. Chris formed Cohort Capital to bring together his network of top MBA talent.

Scott Reina - Cohort Capital

Scott Reina

Vice President and Managing Partner | Contact Scott  

Scott has over 10+ years of investing and portfolio management experience. Scott began investing in his teens and later honed his investing skills while working at an endowment fund for two years.

Scott also has a diverse finance and accounting background with over 5 years of industry experience. In addition, his studies centered around asset valuation, corporate finance, and accounting cases. As a co-founder and equity portfolio manager Scott focuses on high probability investments and managing position size to drive success in the recently choppy markets. He is well versed in fundamental and technical analysis, and relies on both foundations in every trading decision.

Brian Zimbelman - Cohort Capital

Brian Zimbelman

Treasurer and Managing Partner | Contact Brian

Brian is an experienced business professional with a broad range of expertise in multiple industries including aerospace, technology, and agriculture. As a business development professional at Lockheed Martin, Brian is responsible for marketing, lead development, and business case analysis for a portfolio of products and services.

Brian grew up in rural Colorado and spent his youth learning the lessons of hard work, honesty, and integrity on his family’s farm. He earned his Finance degree at Colorado State University and his MBA at The University of Denver.